Why Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems are Still Important

At one time, everyone considered intrusion detection (IDS) or prevention (IPS) systems critical to overall information security success. But in recent years, observers keep declaring IDS/IPS dead, only to see it keep hanging on. And while we’re still not ready to bury IDS/IPS today, we DO urge you to consider how you’re deploying these tools within your overall information security strategy. Without proper tuning and deployment, IDS/IPS solutions can’t do their jobs properly. And the current landscape of cloud computing and dispersed workforces means protection tied to a firewall misses a lot of activity. Read on to learn how to properly leverage IDS/IPS in a modern environment.

How IDS/IPS Works

The goal of IDS is to detect cyberattacks by analyzing the signature of data packets as they traverse the network. When the system detects a suspicious packet, it generates an alert. IDS is a passive tool that simply detects and alerts. IPS goes a step farther by adding an active protection method of adapting to the threat and blocking the traffic from reaching the intended victim host. Most IDS/IPS solutions are now available as a bundle with your firewall subscription. Read more: https://bit.ly/3uVtJjW

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