Zoom Adopts NIST-Approved Post-Quantum End-to-End Encryption for Meetings

Zoom, a well-known provider of business services, announced that post-quantum end-to-end encryption (E2EE) is now available for Zoom Meetings. Support for Zoom Phone and Zoom Rooms will follow shortly.

The company released a statement saying that the necessity to protect user data grows along with the sophistication of adversarial attacks. We are stepping up security with the release of post-quantum E2EE and giving users access to cutting-edge tools to better safeguard their data.

Kyber-768, which seeks to achieve security roughly similar to AES-192, is used in Zoom’s post-quantum E2EE. In July 2022, Kyber was selected as the quantum-resistant cryptographic algorithm for general encryption by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) of the U.S. Department of Commerce read more Zoom Adopts NIST Approved Post Quantum End-to-End Encryption for Meetings.

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