9 Alarming Vulnerabilities Uncovered in SEL’s Power Management Products

Electric power management solutions developed by Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories (SEL) have nine security issues that have been found.

In a research released last week, Nozomi Networks stated that the “worst of those nine vulnerabilities would allow a threat actor to facilitate remote code execution (RCE) on an engineering workstation.”

The vulnerabilities affect the SEL-5030 acSELeratorQuickSet and SEL-5037 GridConfigurator, which are used to commission, configure, and monitor the devices. They are listed as CVE-2023-34392 and range in severity from 4.8 to 8.8.

Sending a phishing email that convinces a target engineer to import a specially crafted configuration file will allow the attacker to exploit CVE-2023-31171 and execute arbitrary code on the engineering workstation that is running the SEL software read more 9 Alarming Vulnerabilities Uncovered in SEL’s Power Management Products.

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