ChatGPT Used to Develop New Malicious Tools

Cybercriminals have continued to create new malicious tools leveraging OpenAI’s ChatGPT, such as info stealers, multi-layer encryption tools, and scripts for dark web marketplaces.

The information was released last Friday in a fresh advisory from Check Point Research (CPR) experts.

The organization informed Infosecurity via email that “threat actors are producing info stealers, encryption tools, and aiding fraud activity” on underground hacking forums.In specifically, three recent findings involving the use of ChatGPT for illicit purposes were found by CPR.

The first one refers to reproducing malware strains and tactics outlined in research publications and writings about prevalent malware. It was discovered in a dark web forum on December 29, 2022, read the complete article ChatGPT Used to Develop New Malicious Tools.

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