Creating the Next Generation of Secure Developers


As companies migrate to more resilient cloud infrastructures, threat actors continue to turn their attention to the application landscape as an entry point for compromising systems. With no less than 76% of applications plagued by at least one security flaw, securing software must be a priority. Unfortunately, a startling lack of training and education opportunities has left many developers ill-prepared to write secure code and build systems that are secure by design — right at the time when we need them most.

Despite finding ourselves at this crunch point, the cybersecurity skills gap remains huge. This is compounded by a consistent lack of workplace training to teach employees secure coding principles and how they affect the software development life cycle.

Meanwhile, threat actors are becoming more capable, and recent high-profile attacks on the likes of SolarWinds and the Colonial Pipeline have prompted US President Joe Biden to issue a sweeping cybersecurity executive order that puts significant emphasis on software security. Read more:

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