Credential-Stuffing Attacks on Remote Windows Systems Took Off in 2021

Password-guessing became last year’s weapon of choice, as attackers attempted to brute-force vulnerable Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) servers, SQL databases, and SMB file shares.

Attackers have increasingly targeted remote Windows systems, fueling a surge in credential-stuffing attacks against systems running the remote desktop protocol (RDP), which jumped nearly ninefold in 2021, according to new data.

A report published by ESET this week shows password-based attacks hit European countries the hardest — particularly, Spain, Italy, France, and Germany — accounting for 116 billion of the 288 billion RDP attacks detected by ESET in 2021. While attackers mainly targeted RDP servers, they also sent billions of log-in attempts to database and file-sharing servers, according to the report. 

In total, credential-stuffing and other password-based attacks accounted for 46% of external network intrusion vectors. Read more:

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