‘CryptoRom’ Crypto Scam Abusing iPhone Features to Target Mobile Users

Social engineering attacks leveraging a combination of romantic lures and cryptocurrency fraud have been luring unsuspecting victims into installing fake apps by taking advantage of legitimate iOS features like TestFlight and Web Clips.

Cybersecurity company Sophos, which has named the organized crime campaign “CryptoRom,” characterized it as a wide-ranging global scam.

“This style of cyber-fraud, known as sha zhu pan (杀猪盘) — literally ‘pig butchering plate’ — is a well-organized, syndicated scam operation that uses a combination of often romance-centered social engineering and fraudulent financial applications and websites to ensnare victims and steal their savings after gaining their confidence,” Sophos analyst Jagadeesh Chandraiah said in a report published last week.

The campaign works by approaching potential targets through dating apps like Bumble, Tinder, Facebook Dating, and Grindr, before moving the conversation to messaging apps such as WhatsApp and urging the victims to install a cryptocurrency trading application that’s designed to mimic popular brands and lock people out of their accounts and freeze their funds. Read more:https://bit.ly/3JrIuiQ

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