Cyber Threat Protection — It All Starts with Visibility

Just as animals use their senses to detect danger, cybersecurity depends on sensors to identify signals in the computing environment that may signal danger. The more highly tuned, diverse and coordinated the senses, the more likely one is to detect important signals that indicate danger.

This, however, can be a double-edged sword. Too many signals with too little advanced signal processing just leads to a lot of noise. The right, diverse set of signals with highly evolved signal processing leads to survival. It therefore makes sense that broad threat visibility across the IT environment is fundamental for detecting cyberattacks. Cybersecurity company Cynet puts this in perspective in a new eBook, The Guide for Threat Visibility for Lean IT Security Teams – link to this.

The Ongoing Problem of Limited Threat Visibility

The complexity of today’s IT environments has made it exceedingly difficult to protect. The defensive perimeter has expanded with an expanded remote workforce, increasing SaaS and Cloud workloads and more liberal third-party access. The IT environment is so big and complex, and ever-changing, that monitoring what’s happening is almost imporssible.

This complexity is not lost on cybercriminals that are drooling over the expanding set of profitable opportunities to exploit, increasing the creation of new and unanticipated attack vectors. Because most security technologies excel at stopping known threats, the escalating number of new threats means more attacks are undetected.

The patchwork of security technologies strewn across the IT environment allow security practitioners to see some part of the attack surface, but certainly not all. Moreover, disconnected defenses cannot provide a complete and accurate assessment of the threat landscape. Rather than better focus, the hodgepodge of security technologies increases noise.

The bottom line is that poor visibility leads to inadequate defenses, overworked security teams and increasing costs. Improving threat visibility is the first step to improving all aspects of cybersecurity. Read more:

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