Fake LastPass password manager spotted on Apple’s App Store

The LastPass app is alerting users about the presence of a phony version of its software on the Apple App Store, which is probably being used as a phishing app to steal login information.

The phony app has an identical name to the real app, a comparable icon, and an interface with a red color scheme meant to resemble the real app’s design.

But rather than being called “LastPass,” the phony program is called “LassPass,” and “Parvati Patel” is listed as its publisher. Furthermore, there is just one rating (the genuine software has over 52,000), and there are only four reviews that flag it as fraudulent.

Given that LastPass is intended to store extremely private data, including credentials (password, email address, and authentication secret), it seems likely that the program was designed to function read more Fake LastPass password manager spotted on Apple’s App Store.

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