Fake Leather wallet app on Apple App Store is a crypto drainer

The creators of the cryptocurrency wallet Leather have alerted Apple software Store users to a phony software that they claim is a wallet drainer that has stolen their digital coins.

Wallet drainers are malicious scripts or applications that deceive users into entering their passphrases or carrying out nefarious transactions, so providing attackers with the ability to withdraw all digital assets from users’ wallets, including cryptocurrencies and NFTs.

During the past year, wallet drainers, also known as cryptocurrency drainers, have grown more frequent. Threat actors have been known to hack popular social media accounts to spread malicious phishing websites or to place advertisements that direct users to websites that trick them into entering their wallet recovery phase.

Threat actors have made so much money from the wallet drainer “business” that they have developed cryptocurrency phishing services read more Fake Leather wallet app on Apple App Store is a crypto drainer.

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