Faxploiting Or How Fax Machines Can Be Hacked

There are very few cyber security scandals that caught the headlines like the Sony Pictures Hack. Thousands of documents were stolen and displayed online, including emails and messages between executives. In the wake of the hacks, Sony’s management team sought a way to avoid the vulnerabilities of email that caused such great problems. The result was they turned to fax machines

While Sony might have been alone in the scale of the security attacks against them, they were not alone looking for ways to protect their data from hackers and thieves. With data protection becoming more and more important to businesses, and the vulnerabilities of platforms like email becoming more and more obvious, companies are starting to seek other ways of protecting their data, and that has led them to fax. 

The concern about email comes from its access to the internet, and how hackers can access accounts that should be protected. The technology is also widespread, which means it’s well-known to many hackers, with a near-endless volume of attempts to find weaknesses to take advantage of.

Fax machines, however, are old-fashioned pieces of technology not connected to the internet in the same way. They are analogue devices that transmit data through phone lines instead of over the internet. Fax machines have also fallen out of favour, which means they don’t provide the same value to hackers, resulting in the hardware falling under the radar. Read more:https://bit.ly/3LEj7fg

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