FBI Dismantles QakBot Malware,Frees 700,000 Computers, Seizes $8.6 Million

The notorious Windows malware family QakBot, which is thought to have infected over 700,000 machines worldwide and enabled financial theft and ransomware, was brought down by a concerted law enforcement operation known as Operation Duck Hunt.

In order to accomplish this, the U.S. Justice Department (DoJ) claimed that the virus is “being deleted from victim computers, preventing it from doing any more harm,” and that it also seized more than $8.6 million in cryptocurrencies in illegal gains.

In addition to providing technical support, the cybersecurity firm Zscaler, the cross-border exercise included France, Germany, Latvia, Romania, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, and the United States read more FBI Dismantles QakBot Malware Frees 700000 Computers Seizes $8.6 Million.

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