French Diplomatic Entities Targeted in Russian-Linked Cyber Attacks

The information security agency of France, ANSSI, released an advice stating that targeted cyberattacks against diplomatic entities have been connected to state-sponsored actors with ties to Russia.

Microsoft’s Midnight Blizzard (previously Nobelium) cluster, which overlaps with activities monitored as APT29, BlueBravo, Cloaked Ursa, Cozy Bear, and The Dukes, has been blamed for the attacks.

Although intrusion sets linked to the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) have been referred to by the names APT29 and Midnight Blizzard interchangeably, ANSSI stated that it prefers to treat them as separate threat clusters in addition to a third one known as Dark Halo, which has been implicated in the 2020 supply chain attack using SolarWinds software read more about French Diplomatic Entities Targeted in Russian Linked Cyber Attacks.

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