Hackers steal $53 million worth of cryptocurrency from CoinEx

A substantial quantity of digital assets that were used to fund the platform’s operations were stolen from vast amounts of hot wallets at the major cryptocurrency exchange CoinEX, according to an announcement.

The issue happened on September 12 and preliminary investigation findings indicate that cryptocurrencies from Tron, Polygon, and Ethereum were used in the illicit transactions.

Since the inquiry has not yet determined the full extent of the losses, CoinEx has not disclosed any information regarding the financial effect sustained.

According to a report by the blockchain security company PeckShield, CoinEx lost over $19 million in ETH, $11 million in TRON, $6.4 million in Smart Chain Coin ($BSC), $6 million in Bitcoin (BTC), and roughly $295,000 in (MATIC) as a result of the attack read more Hackers steal $53 million worth of cryptocurrency from CoinEx.

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