How to get your address off the internet: What you need to know to protect yourself

With so much work and communication taking place online these days, companies and people are making ourselves vulnerable to a range of negative exposure – from unfair reviews of your service or product and how to get your address off the internet to complete scrutiny of your online presence.

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How to get your address off the internet: The steps you need to be successful


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“Dr. Harris”, a female doctor, recently changed her job, however, the old online contact information remained the same and she was receiving calls about her past position. She repeatedly had to apologize and tell these people she no longer worked for this organization. After a while, it became a problem and she was tired of doing it, spending her valuable time on this annoying issue.


She eventually contacted us about her problem and after performing an in-depth search, we found a site representative and contacted him. All incorrect mentions of the doctor’s contact information were quickly removed and the phone calls stopped.

Unfortunately, what Dr. Harris experienced is not unique and is becoming increasingly common as the internet becomes bigger and more robust, containing unmeasurable amounts of data, including incorrect contact information such as mailing and email addresses.

How to remove my address off the internet and other personal information

So how can you protect yourself and your organization from the disastrous consequences of having incorrect or sensitive personal information come up in an online search? Or how to delete my address from the internet? The good news is that there are a number of fairly simple steps you can take to protect your online presence and exactly what personal and professional information viewers can access. Read more:

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