KyberSlash attacks put quantum encryption projects at risk

Many Kyber key encapsulation solutions for quantum-safe encryption are susceptible to a group of vulnerabilities known as KyberSlash that could make secret key retrieval possible.

As a member of the CRYSTALS (Cryptographic Suite for Algebraic Lattices) algorithm family, CRYSTALS-Kyber is the official implementation of the Kyber key encapsulation mechanism (KEM) for the quantum-safe algorithm (QSA).

It is one of the algorithms included in the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s (NIST) collection of general encryption algorithms made resistant to quantum computer assaults. Two well-known projects that use Kyber implementations are Signal Messenger and Mullvad VPN.

The latter declared its adoption of the CRYSTALS-Kyber KEM read more KyberSlash attacks put quantum encryption projects at risk.

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