Latitude Financial Admits Breach Impacted Millions

According to Latitude Financial, a cyber-attack that was previously reported this month led to the theft of over 14 million customer records, including highly sensitive personal data.

The Melbourne-headquartered consumer lender claimed in a statement today that hackers took 7.9 million Australian and New Zealand driver’s licence numbers, 40% of which were supplied to the firm in the past 10 years.

94% of the 6.1 million additional records that were stolen, which dated back to 2005, were given before 2013. Many of these will still be valid, though, as they include personal information like name, address, phone number, and birthdate.

A total of 53,000 passport numbers as well as the financial records of “fewer than 100 consumers” were stolen read more Latitude Financial Admits Breach Impacted Millions.

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