MoqHao Android Malware Evolves with Auto-Execution Capability

MoqHao is a new strain of Android malware that threat researchers have discovered. It runs on compromised devices automatically and doesn’t require user input.

This latest version of MoqHao doesn’t require users to install and run the app in order to achieve its intended goal, according to a research released this week by McAfee Labs. “While the app is installed, their malicious activity starts automatically.”

Targets of the campaign include Android users in South Korea, Japan, India, France, and Germany. MoqHao is an Android-based mobile threat termed Wroba and XLoader (not to be confused with the same-named Windows and macOS malware). It is linked to a financially driven Chinese cluster known as Roaming Mantis read more MoqHao Android Malware Evolves with Auto Execution Capability.

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