New ARM ‘TIKTAG’ attack impacts Google Chrome,Linux systems

With almost a 95% likelihood of success, a novel speculative execution attack called “TIKTAG” targets ARM’s Memory Tagging Extension (MTE) to leak data, enabling hackers to get around the security measure.

The attack on Google Chrome and the Linux kernel is demonstrated in the paper, which is co-signed by a group of Korean academics from Samsung, Seoul National University, and the Georgia Institute of Technology.

MTE is a feature intended to identify and stop memory corruption that was added to the ARM v8.5-A architecture (and later).

By making sure that the tag in the pointer matches the accessible memory region, the system employs low-overhead tagging, which assigns 4-bit tags to 16-byte memory chunks, to defend against memory corruption attacks read more New ARM ‘TIKTAG’ attack impacts Google Chrome Linux systems.

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