Pirate IPTV network in Austria dismantled and $1.74 million seized

Twenty persons have been detained by Austrian police nationwide in connection with an illicit IPTV network that, between 2016 and 2023, redistributed thousands of subscribers’ copyright-protected broadcasts by decrypting them.

Following the filing of a complaint in Germany, an investigation into the illicit network was launched. This investigation resulted in the identification of a criminal enterprise comprising 80 Turkish people who were the culprits.

A hierarchy of suppliers and resellers, who purchased access to the signal for as much as $50 annually and resold it to end users for as much as $200 annually, comprised the piracy ring. Suppliers decrypted and delivered TV signals.

consumers were mainly contacted by “word of mouth,” despite a brief promotion of the business through Facebook adverts read more Pirate IPTV network in Austria dismantled and $1.74 million seized.

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