Beware: Scam-as-a-Service Aiding Cybercriminals in Crypto Wallet-Draining Attacks

Researchers studying cybersecurity are alerting people to a rise in phishing scams that have the potential to empty bitcoin wallets.

Researchers at Check Point Oded Vanunu, Dikla Barda, and Roman Zaikin said, “These threats are unique in their approach, targeting a wide range of blockchain networks, from Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain to Polygon, Avalanche, and almost 20 other networks by using a crypto wallet-draining technique.”

The infamous phishing group Angel Drainer, which promotes a “scam-as-a-service” offering and charges a percentage of the stolen money—typically 20% or 30%—from its partners in exchange for wallet-draining scripts and other services read more Scam as a Service Aiding Cybercriminals in Crypto Wallet Draining Attacks.

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