ScreenConnect servers hacked in LockBit ransomware attacks

Attackers are infecting unpatched ScreenConnect servers with LockBit ransomware payloads by taking advantage of a maximum severity authentication bypass vulnerability.

Since Tuesday, when many cybersecurity organizations published proof-of-concept exploits and ConnectWise delivered security fixes, the highest severity CVE-2024-1709 auth bypass flaw has been actively exploited.

Additionally, ConnectWise addressed the high-severity path traversal vulnerability (CVE-2024-1708), which is only exploitable by highly privileged threat actors.Due to two security flaws that affect all ScreenConnect versions, the business decided to eliminate all license limitations on Wednesday.

This will let customers whose licenses have expired to update to the most recent version of the software and protect their servers against assaults read more ScreenConnect servers hacked in LockBit ransomware attacks.

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