Shopify denies it was hacked, links stolen data to third-party app

Shopify, an e-commerce platform, disputes that it experienced a data breach following the sale of client information purportedly taken from the company’s network by a threat actor.
Shopify informed BleepingComputer that “no security incident has occurred on Shopify systems.”

A third-party app was the source of the claimed data loss. The software developer plans to let the customers know who are impacted.

Hackers increase Ticketmaster extortion by releasing purported Taylor Swift tickets.
This announcement follows the start of data sales earlier this week by a threat actor going by the name “888,” who claims to have stolen data from Shopify in 2024.

A person’s Shopify ID, first and last names, email address, cellphone number, order total, amount spent, email subscription, date of subscription, and SMS subscription are among the data samples that the threat actor disclosed read more about Shopify denies it was hacked links stolen data to third-party app.

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