Sticky Werewolf Expands Cyber Attack Targets in Russia and Belarus

Researchers studying cybersecurity have revealed information on Sticky Werewolf, a threat actor connected to cyberattacks against targets in Belarus and Russia.

In addition to government agencies, the phishing assaults also targeted a pharmaceutical company, a Russian research institute that specializes in microbiology and vaccine development, and the aviation industry, according to a study released by Morphisec last week.

Security researcher Arnold Osipov stated, “In prior campaigns, the infection chain started with phishing emails containing a link to download a malicious file from platforms like” The most recent campaign made use of archive files that pointed to a payload kept on WebDAV servers via LNK files.

In October 2023, BI.ZONE first reported about Sticky Werewolf, one of the numerous threat actors that target Russia and Belarus read more Sticky Werewolf Expands Cyber Attack Targets in Russia and Belarus.

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