The UK announces nuclear cybersecurity strategy

The strategy focuses on testing nuclear, security by design, and improved collaboration as a means of improving cybersecurity

The UK announces nuclear cybersecurity strategy

The UK government has announced cybersecurity plans for the country’s civil nuclear sector in the newly published 2022 Civil Nuclear Cyber Security Strategy.

The country’s nuclear program is growing into one of the most vital elements of the government’s plans to reach net-zero carbon emissions but poses a significant risk as a target for state-backed cybercriminals.

The strategy outlines four key objectives to be met before 2026:

  • Prioritizing cybersecurity as part of a holistic risk management approach and outcome-focused regulation.
  • Proactive mitigation of cyber risk in the sector and across its supply chain against a backdrop of legacy and emerging technologies.
  • Enhanced resilience by preparing better for and responding to incidents faster and more collaboratively, minimizing impact and recovery time.
  • More collaboration to improve cyber maturity, develop skills and promote a security-first culture.

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