Top 10 Cybersecurity Movies and Series You Must Watch

The term “computer security” can frequently sound intimidating. Like it’s talking about important work. It is crucial to keep in mind that a profession in computer and cyber security is an interesting one in the real world, even though it is true that those who pursue these fields must be incredibly careful and work very hard to acquire those skills. It is not always only a matter of coding code all day long to get invisible outcomes. Sometimes the coding yields intriguing results, which frequently motivates cyber security teams to go above and beyond.

Continue reading this article to get a list of interesting films that have been made over the years with the issue of cyber security. They all make for an entertaining viewing that is guaranteed to stick in the minds of those who are interested in the subject and may even motivate you to learn Cyber Security to put similar concepts into practice in the future read the complete blog to learn about Top 10 Cybersecurity Movies and Series You Must Watch.

1. Black Mirror

This wildly popular British science fiction series explores the dark side of society’s preoccupation with technology. Even the name of the television show Black Mirror is a metaphor for the empty phone screen that displays your own image. Consider yourself to be on the verge of a thin border between the virtual and the physical worlds. It certainly sounds eerie.

Each episode presents a startling tale of a dystopian not-too-distant future in which technology may go beyond enhancing human well-being and may even work against us. The fact that some of the technology from the television show already exists, like as artificial intelligence that can recreate loved ones, adds to the suspense. So prepare set for a horrifying experience.

2. Social Network

The biographical drama film from the US explains the history of Facebook and its creator Mark Zuckerberg. The Accidental Billionaires by Ben Mezrich served as the inspiration for the movie. Although the Facebook Effect author David Kirkpatrick said that only 40% of the movie’s events are real and that many of them are made up, it is still worthwhile to see. The movie “Social Network” depicts real friendship, loneliness, love, and betrayal as well as a man who developed an idea into a multibillion-dollar enterprise.

3. The Matrix

A film that was once a cult favorite but has since attained legendary status worldwide. In the dystopian future, Keanu Reeves plays a computer hacker who must free humanity from a simulation known as the Matrix. This movie has a lot to say, both literally and symbolically. The Matrix is a virtual environment that intelligent machines are built to entrap people and use their bodies as a source of energy. You start thinking when you try to make comparisons with similar things we see around us, such as those who are always using technology.

4. The Italian Job

Edward Norton plays a criminal who turns on his companions and steals all the gold they took during a heist in this cat-and-mouse thriller. When he does that, they deploy cutting-edge Cyber Security methods to find him. Jason Statham, Mark Wahlberg, and Charlize Theron also appear in this star-studded film.

5. The Great Hack

Data is a precious resource that, in the wrong hands, may be used as a potent weapon against society. Are you prepared to learn how big businesses use our personal information to their advantage?

The film explains the specifics of the Facebook data leak controversy involving Cambridge Analytica. The documentary will startle you into recognizing the realities of our online life and cause you to think carefully before disclosing any personal information. It is thought-provoking, potent, and even frightening.

6. Who Am I

A young social pariah named Benjamin is followed in the German techno-thriller Who Am I. Benjamin is lost in his own sense of self, but not in the online community. At this point, he dons a digital mask to assume the identity of a skilled hacker. Later, he meets other online disruptors, and the two of them team up to form CLAY (Clowns Laughing at You), a group dedicated to hacking and embarrassing major organizations.

No system is secure, and even a person can be compromised. This is the guiding principle of the film that revolutionized the way we see online safety.

7. V for Vendetta

The story of this dystopian-future film is that after a viral epidemic, the British government imposes a severe curfew on its population. Anarchist uses Natalie Portman to hack into television networks because they suspect foul activity. A pretty innovative yet admirable application of hacking techniques also emphasizes the risk of what may go wrong if the wrong people are successful in breaking into public media networks.

8. Scorpion

Walter Brian, a computer hacker with an IQ of 197, is the protagonist of the dramatic US television series (the average is 90-110). He broke into NASA’s systems when he was just 13 years old and stole the CAD blueprints for the real Space Shuttle Columbia. Brian collaborates with other geeks to establish a community that combats cybercrime, just to give you an idea of how brilliant this guy is! Don’t be hesitant to give this series a try if you’re interested in learning more about various scientific concepts, coding, or hacking.

9. Mr. Robot

With hacker shows, let’s get things started. Get ready to become engrossed in the Mr. Robot series if you want to sample a drama based on all-too-familiar technology risks, such as having your smartphone compromised while you’re sipping coffee in Starbucks or being subjected to a Bluetooth data attack.

The protagonist of the tale is Elliot Alderson, a skilled hacker and cybersecurity engineer who also experiences clinical depression and social anxiety disorder. His entire existence is turned upside down when Mr. Robot asks him to join a team of hackers on a quest to take down the biggest financial corporation in the world.

What do you think? Another selling point is that every hacking scene in the series uses actual tools, real code, and real tactics. So get involved in the hacking community, but be cautious.

10. Bourne Ultimatum

In one of his roles, Matt Damon plays a character who loses his memory and must track down those who mistreated him. He works with an investigator to do this as the CIA team tracks their activities and sets up traps to thwart their schemes using Cyber Security equipment.

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