U.S. Offers $15 Million Bounty to Hunt Down LockBit Ransomware Leaders

The U.S. State Department has declared cash rewards of up to $15 million for details that may help identify key figures within the LockBit ransomware group and lead to the apprehension of any involved individuals.

The State Department highlighted that since January 2020, LockBit perpetrators have carried out over 2,000 assaults on targets within the United States and globally. These attacks have resulted in significant disruptions to operations and the loss or theft of sensitive data.

Furthermore, LockBit ransomware incidents have led to ransom payments totaling more than $144 million for recovery purposes.

This development coincides with a broad law enforcement investigation spearheaded by the National Crime Agency (NCA) of the United Kingdom (UK) that has crippled LockBit read more U.S. Offers $15 Million Bounty to Hunt Down LockBit Ransomware Leaders.

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