UK spy chief praises fake news counter cell

The head of GCHQ has praised a new government unit tasked with countering Russian disinformation campaigns and dismissed rumors of a destructive Russian cyber-campaign

Jeremy Fleming, the head of GCHQ, has praised the new government counter-disinformation cell focused on Kremlin propaganda.

Fleming spoke at the Australian National University in Canberra yesterday, arguing that President Putin had massively miscalculated his invasion of Ukraine. He revealed that Russian soldiers are “refusing to carry out orders, sabotaging their own equipment and even accidentally shooting down their own aircraft.”

Fleming has also argued that Ukraine’s social-savvy President Zelensky has inspired information campaigns worldwide with his messages of hope and resistance.

“In the UK, it’s focused on a new Government Information Cell which identifies and counters Kremlin disinformation targeted at the UK and international audiences. It brings together expertise from across the government to challenge false narratives. It deals in facts, not falsehoods; making sure that the truth is told well,” he explained. Read more:

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