US disrupts AI-powered bot farm pushing Russian propaganda on X

A collaborative international law enforcement operation headed by the U.S. Justice Department took down 1,000 Twitter accounts that were part of a huge bot farm that was propagating Russian misinformation, as well as the domains that were used to register the bots.

The Russian FSB officer and the deputy editor-in-chief of Russia Today (RT), who organized and oversaw the bots’ usage of Meliorator, an AI-enabled program, to distribute misinformation to Twitter users worldwide, have been behind the disinformation campaign since 2022.

RT affiliates created social media profiles with an authentic appearance using Meliorator, impersonating people from all around the world. This was done to spread misinformation and undermine Russian influence on Twitter.

Widespread information dissemination was made possible via the social media bot farm read more about US disrupts AI-powered bot farm pushing Russian propaganda on X.

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