Best Instagram Bio Tactics to Drive Clicks and Brand Awareness

Historically, Instagram doesn’t like people leaving the platform by clicking links, therefore there are so few places where you can put a clickable link.

These are:

  • Instagram bio
  • Instagram stories

While links in stories only live for 24 hours and you have to create new stories, again and again, to keep those clicks coming, your link in bio is always there. It is the only way to generate some clicks and leads on Instagram without proactively creating new content.

To add a link in your Instagram bio:

  • Go to your profile page (by tapping on your profile picture to the bottom-right)
  • Tap “Edit Profile” on top of your feed
  • Paste your link in the “Website” section

Now, that’s done, how to make the most of this section?

1. Link to an Instagram-Friendly Landing Page

Instagram allows a single link in the bio. But what if you do a lot? What if you have something new to link to daily or weekly? What if you don’t have a website but instead you have several other social media profiles to link to?

There are a few tools out there allowing you to create your own Instagram-friendly page to link to from the bio section. is a free tool that helps you create a well-branded page linking to all your digital properties:

  • Choose any of many themes
  • Customize to match your brand
  • Create a custom URL that reflects your (brand) name:

One of the advantages of using “Link in bio” tools is that you can easily update it based on seasonality, your current (pre-holiday) marketing campaigns, or special offers. It is a very easy way to create something exciting for a visual audience. You can also use the page to curate customer reviews.

You can use this link on any social media platform, like TikTok or Twitter.

Selecting a domain that best reflects your personal brand or business is also a great idea. Namify will help you pick a domain that is available on Instagram if you are still planning to launch your digital project.

This will ensure both your website and your Instagram account will be findable on Google which is another way to generate followers. Your current customers may be interested in becoming your subscriber. You can also pick a theme reflecting your Instagram feed.

There are also quite a few plugins allowing you to show content on your site.

Don’t forget to verify your Instagram account to build a better-performing profile.

2. Add a CTA and Emojis

Not many users would even think about clicking any links unless you point them out to them. The Instagram crowd is all about scrolling, liking, and commenting: They are never on Instagram to check out someone else’s websites.

However, they won’t mind clicking your link if you invite them to.

Like in many other digital marketing tactics, a well-positioned and nicely designed call to action is all it takes to get those clicks.

Instagram doesn’t allow any graphic modifications to the bio section but you can use an emoji which can be a great way to direct your followers’ attention to your link. In fact, lots of users are already doing that:  Read more:

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