FIN7 Cybercrime Group Targeting U.S. Auto Industry with Carbanak Backdoor

Anunak, also known as Carbanak, is a known backdoor that was delivered in a spear-phishing effort directed towards the U.S. automotive industry by the notorious cybercrime group known as FIN7.

The BlackBerry research and intelligence team revealed in a recent article that “FIN7 identified employees at the company who worked in the IT department and had higher levels of administrative rights.”

Living off the land binaries, scripts, and libraries (LOLBAS) were utilized to launch their well-known Anunak backdoor under the guise of a free IP scanning utility and establish an early foothold.

Since 2012, FIN7—also known as Carbon Spider, Elbrus, Gold Niagara, ITG14, and Sangria Tempest—has established itself as a well-known, financially motivated cybercrime organization that has successfully targeted a variety of industry verticals with malware that can steal data read more FIN7 Cybercrime Group Targeting U.S. Auto Industry with Carbanak Backdoor.

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