Hackers Target Middle East Governments with Evasive “CR4T” Backdoor

Middle Eastern governments have been singled out in an as-yet-undisclosed campaign to introduce a new backdoor known as CR4T.

The activity was found in February 2024, according to Russian cybersecurity outfit Kaspersky, though there is evidence that suggest it may have been going on for at least a year earlier. DuneQuixote is the codename for the campaign.

According to Kaspersky, the campaign’s organizers employed realistic and well-thought-out evasion techniques in both network communications and the malware code to stop the gathering and analysis of its implants.

The assault begins with a dropper, which may be found in two varieties: a standard dropper that can be used as an executable or DLL file, or it can be a corrupted installer file for Total Commander read more Hackers Target Middle East Governments with Evasive “CR4T” Backdoor.

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