Grow Employee Engagement with a Strong Investigation Process

In a tight labor market, employers are seeking to gain or retain a workforce with more pay, work for home and other perks. They can also improve retention through a culture of trust and consideration. Improve how you listen and investigate when someone on your team speaks up about compliance. If you investigate with urgency and respond, then you’ll gain trust and build employee engagement.

Here is an anecdotal case, from the perspective of the business: An anonymous report comes in from a small foreign office, that says “It seems like there is something going on between the marketing lead and a partner. I suspect they are wasting marketing funds.” The seriousness of the issue is not entirely clear—maybe the person reporting the issue is questioning the quality of the marketing campaigns. It is a challenge to reach people overseas.  Some initial questions are asked, but the case sits for months before anyone starts reviewing the matter closely. 

After almost a dozen interviews, no one reveals anything useful. The answer has to be found by sifting through years of email. The investigation ultimately uncovers how the company is being taken advantage of. It is shocking how so many people in the office know the marketing lead is stealing company funds, but said nothing. 

After the late start, combined with actual wrong-doing that is festering, the person who reported the wrongdoing and the rest of the office have stopped caring. The business is left with a problem infecting the whole office, instead of having to deal with only one or two bad actors. Read more:

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