Do You Need to Invest in All Meme Tokens to Become Rich? (1) CoinGecko’s API Free Data Problem

Cryptocurrency is a gateway to explore cryptocurrency data. It’s catchy and worth making your next good friend if you are interested in crypto. For quants and field researchers their API could be a plug into stream of real-time crypto-market data accessed via a number of clients (e.g. C++, NodeJs, R, Python, Java, Ruby, etc.). CoinGecko’s free API has a rate limit of 50 calls/minute. If you need to fetch data more frequently, you have three paid plans to choose from. Let’s focus for a moment on what you can get for free if you’re a Python user.

Say, our project is expressed by the title of this article and you are a newbie to the crypto-world seeking for a quick way to download some data and perform calculations. What do you need? For sure it would be a list of all Meme Tokens. It was a great battle by Elon Musk-influenced DOGECOIN (over 3100% gain) versus SHIBA INU (49,000,000% gain) in 2021. This brings a very up-to-date question: could you foresee it and if not, could you do something about it in 2022 to become rich, very rich quickly this year? Read more:

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