Los Angeles Unified School District investigates data theft claims

Officials from the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) are looking into allegations made by a threat actor that they are offering for sale databases that were purportedly stolen and contained information on millions of children and thousands of teachers.

With more than 563,000 kids enrolled for the 2023–2024 school year, over 25,900 teachers, and about 48,700 additional staff members, LAUSD is the second biggest public school district in the US.

The CSV files listed for sale on a cyber site, according to the threat actor offering the purportedly stolen data for $1,000, comprise over 11GB of data, including over 26 million student records, over 24,000 instructor records, and about 500 staff records.

Additionally, they provided two data samples with about 1,000 student records that included Social Security numbers (SSNs) read more Los Angeles Unified School District investigates data theft claims.

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