“Activator” Alert: MacOS Malware Hides in Cracked Apps, Targeting Crypto Wallets

Users of Apple macOS have reported being infected by cracked software with a previously unreported stealer virus that can retrieve wallet and system data.

According to Kaspersky, which discovered the artifacts in the wild, the virus can infect Mac computers with both Intel and Apple silicon CPU architectures because it is made to target devices running macOS Ventura 13.6 and later.

The attack chains use disk image (DMG) files that have been booby-trapped and contain the program “Activator” as well as a pirated version of genuine software like xScope.

If users manage to open the DMG files, they are advised to move both files into the Applications folder read more MacOS Malware Hides in Cracked Apps Targeting Crypto Wallets.

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