Russian Turla Hackers Target Polish NGOs with New TinyTurla-NG Backdoor

December 2023 saw the use of a new backdoor known as TinyTurla-NG by the Russia-affiliated threat actor Turla as part of a three-month campaign aimed against Polish non-governmental organizations.

In a technical report released today, Cisco Talos stated that “TinyTurla-NG, like TinyTurla, is a small ‘last chance’ backdoor that is left behind to be used when all other unauthorized access/backdoor mechanisms have failed or been detected on the infected systems.”

The reason TinyTurla-NG got its name is that it has characteristics with TinyTurla, another implant that the antagonistic collective has been using in incursions targeting Afghanistan, Germany, and the United States since at least 2020. The cybersecurity firm initially published information about TinyTurla read more Russian Turla Hackers Target Polish NGOs with New TinyTurla-NG Backdoor.

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