Vietnamese Cybercriminals Targeting Facebook Business Accounts with Malvertising

Advertising-as-a-vector on social media sites like Facebook, which is owned by Meta, is being used by malicious actors connected to the Vietnamese cybercrime ecosystem to spread malware.

According to WithSecure analyst Mohammad Kazem Hassan Nejad, “threat actors have long used fraudulent ads as a vector to target victims with scams, malvertising, and more.” And now that companies are using social media to advertise, attackers have a brand-new, extremely lucrative sort of assault to add to their toolbox: taking over corporate accounts.

Due to activity clusters like Ducktail and NodeStealer, which are known to target Facebook users and businesses, cyber attacks on Meta Business and Facebook accounts have become more prevalent over the past year read more Vietnamese Cybercriminals Targeting Facebook Business Accounts with Malvertising.

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