Why a reputation manager is vital for your company’s brand

When you think of “reputation management,” you will likely picture one of two different scenarios. Traditional reputation management is often equated to crisis communications. Whereas online reputation management usually brings to mind cleaning up Google’s search results.

Both are important, but reputation management—online or offline—is more than triage and clean-up. When you hire either a reputation management firm or employ a reputation manager (Chief, Director, or Manager, the title doesn’t matter), you are investing in much more than just reputation repair. You are investing in bringing harmony between the character of your company and the various departments that contribute to your brand’s reputation.

So, where and how can reputation management protect and grow your company’s brand? It is both the glue that keeps your reputation strong across all departments and the grease that eases friction and smooths out issues.


  • Does your website convey trust and leadership in your industry?
  • Are your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts in compliance with Google?
  • If a searcher Google’s your name, will they like what they see? Does it accurately reflect your character?
  • Are your outbound efforts matching the expectations of your audience? Is your email frequency too high or too low? Are your retargeting ads too aggressive or too vague?
  • Do your blog and social profiles post valuable, shareable information that strengthens your brand, or only press releases and sales pitches? Read more: https://bit.ly/3uzPd5N

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