British LAPSUS$ Teen Members Sentenced for High-Profile Attacks

Two British teenagers who were involved in a series of high-profile attacks against several companies as members of the LAPSUS$ cybercrime and extortion gang received sentences for their participation.

The 18-year-old Oxford resident Arion Kurtaj was given an indefinite hospital order because he intended to return to cybercrime “as soon as possible,” according to the BBC. Kurtaj was declared incompetent to stand trial due to his autism.

A 17-year-old kid who is not identified, who is part of LAPSUS$, was also sentenced to an 18-month Youth Rehabilitation Order that includes a three-month requirement for intense supervision and surveillance. He was found guilty of one crime of blackmail, two charges of fraud, and two Computer Misuse Act violations.

Following their initial arrests in January 2022, both defendants were released while an investigation was ongoing, In March 2022, they were detained read more British LAPSUS$ Teen Members Sentenced for High-Profile Attacks.

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